Dig-DNS lookup

DIG or Domain Information Groper is one  of the most important DNS lookup tools. DIG is one of the tools that most people use, just like NSLookup.

To start, we can use Dig by typing “dig -h”

This is the help and from this, we can see all the command that are in DIG


For DIG, most people just use the default setting using “A-record”  which is ALL.

To use dig, I use this command “dig -host [ domain name ] ”

DIg will show us something like this result


other than that, we can also use other function that are in the help such as the “DNSSEC”

we only need to add the option that we want to use after the word dig, like

“dig dnssec -host [domain name] ”

we can also use other option that are in DIG.

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