Project Proposal Sem 3 – Construct 2

Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction (Project’s Proposal)

Team Members                :
Ivan Ezechial Suratno      2101693920
David Honasan                  2101693933
Frendy Bodhi Susanto    2101693883

Title                                       : Human Immunity System
Deadline                              : 29th October 2018
Project Description          :
For the Project, we are required to make an educational game with construct 2. The game theme that we choose is a game about human immune system. The game will focus on the player to role play as the human immune system cell such as the white blood cell. In the game, the player can learn about the human immune system, like how our body immune system work and how to make it stronger based on real life scientific data. In the game, it will also introduce several types of illness and how dangerous it is to us and why it is dangerous. And we hope that with the game, the player can understand the immune system easier and have more fun while learning the immune system.


Target Audience               : Middle School Student or lower.

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